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I felt like an Alchemist today

“When a belief surfaces, it usually is because it is time for it to leave your system. One just needs to pay adequate and appropriate attention to it” I felt like an Alchemist today. Google says, Alchemy is simply changing an undesirable thing into something more desirable. At 46, I am pursuing masters in psychology & there was an exam in the online viva format that I had to appear for. The term “Exam” led to all these feelings of anxiety and nervousness surface today; It’s been 27 years since I last sat for an “exam”! The butterflies in my stomach were familiar; they reminded me of my school days when I used to get scared right before examinations. Even though life has completely changed, the feeling I was experiencing was still the same! My mind was wandering with thoughts about what would happen in the Viva or will I be able to answer verbal questions,as well as wondering how I would be able to attend it in

This sorry state. As I felt this anxiety in my stomach, I started using tools from different healing modalities that I’ve learnt. First, I took a dose of Bach Flower remedy that helped me be present while preparing for the Viva and also helped calm all that chattering in my mind. My awareness made me use some tapping techniques to release all that anxiety in my stomach. While that helped, and went on throughout the day; an hour or so before my call time, a beautiful question from Access Consciousness Ⓡ showed up in my world : “What Energy, Space, Consciousness and Choice can I be, while appearing for my exam?” “What does the examiner want to hear?” This question opened up a lot of space and awareness for me and my examination process went through smoothly!! It is absolutely surprising to observe that while situations may come and go in life, the feelings and sensations one feels in the body- remain the same. They will be of similar nature in different situations of life. Our bodies are habituated to run on Auto-Pilot with these feelings (that get stored in the cells of our body!).One might forget what all happens, these sensations get triggered when similar kinds of situations arise. We have never been taught really on “Hows” of dealing with them!

My revelation today was that I may have formed the belief that “Exams mean nervousness” in my 5th year of school. Today, after years, my inner child’s belief surfaced and it caused the feelings of nervousness, even though I was prepared with my studies. When a belief surfaces, it usually is because it is time for it to leave your system. One just needs to pay adequate and appropriate attention to it. Today helped me identify the ALCHEMY of my Therapy Toolbox, that is filled with beautiful processes and techniques from such varied yet same modalities. It fills me with wonderment that I am empowered to deal with any physical or emotional problem! The Alchemy made me feel like an alchemist! ☺

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