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About Me

A graduate in Homescience with Interior designing as her major subject, Diksha spent many years of her life disregarding her emotions and facing physiological issues. One day she heard about emotional freedom technique (EFT) and booked a session to heal herself of this pain. EFT not only eased her pain it empowered her to overcome her limiting beliefs and fears. As she worked on herself Diksha realised how a lot of these beliefs were rooted in her childhood itself and the desire to free other children from fears and trauma was born. Diksha went on to learn the modality and today she is an EFT Advanced Level Practitioner, having received her training from Vitality Living College.

Diksha has also worked with Helon O’Grady International Academy as a Speech and Drama Trainer for over two years and has interacted with over 10,000 children from some of the most prestigious schools across Mumbai. She is also an Access Bars Practitioner.


While Diksha is trained to work with people of all ages, working with children is her passion. She works with children across all ages incorporating interesting techniques of drama, creative writing, and art and craft activities. Children enjoy her company and look forward to befriending their emotions in her sessions. Diksha’s dream is to enable children to remember their magnificence even amidst all the pressure, chaos and competition the world brings their way.


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Attended Heal Your Life Workshop

May 2017

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NLP Practitioner and Coach (Undergoing NLP Master Practioner Prog.)

NLP, November 2018

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Journey Intensive (Undergoing Journey Practioner Prog.)

Dec 2017

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Internationally Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

EFT 1 and EFT 2, July 2017; EFT 3, 2018

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Inner Child Matrix Practitioner

March 2018

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Access Bars Facilitator

July 2019

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About The Healing Modalities Used

Diksha has empowered hundreds of people including adults and children in her counselling and coaching sessions. She gives them pragmatic tools to achieve what they want in life, & helps them overcome their physical, emotional & mind related issues. She has healed allergies, fears and phobias, relationships issues by integrating all of the following modalities and techniques.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a modality that clears emotional blocks by tapping on meridian points.  

It integrates the ancient science of acupressure with modern-day psychology. It involves tapping on acupuncture points and repeating specific phrases which release the stress and emotional trauma. The negative emotions cause a disruption of the body's energy system and tapping on these points and saying phrases out loud rewires this system. This enables tackling of depression and anxiety, fears and phobias, physical pains, addictions and cravings, and other negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear and guilt. 
It helps the person overcome his or her past memories/incidents thereby creating a sense of peace and calm.


Matrix Reimprinting is the latest advancement in EFT and is known to gently reverse the childhood traumas. It combines Powerful Techniques - Inner Child Healing & Advanced EFT, & Quantum Physics.

This therapy methodology involves bringing the client to connect with their inner child also termed as ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram). ECHO is that part of an individual which felt powerless and helpless emotionally when the trauma of the incident in question had occurred. By being in touch with the inner child the ECHO becomes the client itself and reclaims its agency over past traumatic experiences. This method helps immensely to find the causes of our limiting beliefs and experiences


Journey is a method of cellular healing (By Brandon Bays, UK) that unearths the root cause of an issue and enables the resolution of all physical and emotional challenges that arise from it as a result. It helps in eliminating a variety of pains, physiological illnesses, anxiety, grief, anger and substance addictions.


Access is a set of tools, techniques and processes that are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone. Consciousness includes everything without judgement. It is the willingness and capacity, & choice to be totally aware and present in all areas of your life. Consciousness is the ability to be in question, be aware of possibilities, make or unmake choices and be & receive contributions.



Heal Your Life is all you need to know about life, its lessons and how to do the work on yourself.

This modality includes Louise Hay’s guide to the mental patterns behind any "Dis-Ease" being experienced by a person. Heal your life tools and affirmations have transformed the lives of millions of people. It alters one's awareness of the impact that the mind has on one’s body, health and wellbeing.

It enables an understanding of the causes of our aches, pains, diseases and discomforts being experienced in the physical body. Accordingly, with the help of Affirmations and other personalised techniques -these ailments are worked upon in one-on-one sessions.

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