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Diksha Wadhwa

Insights Into Your Being | Love Yourself

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Meet Diksha

Ms. Diksha Wadhwa is an internationally certified EFT practitioner NLP practitioner Matrix reimprinting practitioner Access Bar Practitioner and Heal your Life practitioner.

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Diksha Wadhwa is an amazing EFT Practitioner. She is gentle and her calm, soothing presence has always made me feel like I am in a safe space where I will be heard when I share my issues. I went to Dikshaa when I was struggling emotionally due to toxic relationships in my space. Diksha helped ease my pain and through her tapping methods and NLP techniques, she made me feel lighter and more at peace. Today, I am a strong advocate of self-love and Dikshaa has a very important role to play in that particular journey of my life. She is inspiring and pure magic and being in the same field as her, I feel I have a lot to learn from her! Her work with children and teenagers is exemplary! She is the true ambassador of acceptance and unconditional love and I feel extremely blessed to have had her in my life to pull me out of my low moments.

-Divya Srivastava, Counsellor 


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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